Annual Show

NTCA runs a yearly auction in conjuction with our annual show. This show occurs on Labor Day weekend each year.. A listing of the auction lots is published in Talkin' Tokens, our monthly magazine. Bids are accepted by mail or online prior the the auction. There is live floor bidding at the show. Sucessful winners are able to pickup their lots at the show, or have them mailed afterwards. This is one of the highlights of NTCA.

Online Auction Site (New January 2010)

NTCA runs an Online Auction Site in partnership with

The goal is to provide a low cost alternative to other auction sites and offer a membership benefit for NTCA.

NTCA membership is required to sell items on the site. NTCA membership is not required to place bids.

Listing fees are 1 per item listed plus 2% of the sales price, if sold. Each NTCA member is given a $5 credit towards fees upon registering on the Auction site.

Talkin' Tokens

Each issue of Talkin' Tokens contains member advertisments, many are for monthly auctions. The monthly mail bid auctions all close the last Saturday of the month. Mail bid auctions may also allow internet and/or phone bidding. It varies from member to member.

All mail bid auctions run by NTCA follow an agreed set of rules. One interesting difference between NTCA rules and other auction venues, bids are NOT normally reduced.

Each NTCA member may submit one free classified ad, up to a maximum of 50 word, each month. Many members take advantage of this and run mini-auctions each month - a few tokens each time.